Friday, March 26, 2010

iPad battery

Assuming improved iPads are released over time, doesn't this (that Apple will just ship a new machine rather than actually replace the battery) mean iPads are expected to drop in price significantly (or, extremely unlikely, that Apple will somehow keep a large inventory of obsolete iPads)?  Otherwise, each time there is a new version, owners will suddenly "discover" that their iPads no longer hold a charge and require an exchange (which, naturally, will mean the new version of the machine as the old ones disappear).  I'd recommend waiting a few months to clear out the refurbs and old inventory before trying this gambit...

Monday, March 22, 2010

rio tinto and bribery

I have to admit I haven't read all that's available but precisely what does it mean to "bribe" an executive at a foreign company?  The idea that the executives were paid AND received secret information is wacky - paying to receive and being paid to divulge make sense.  But somehow being paid to receive useful information?  And, separate from embezzlement or corporate opportunity, what exactly is a bribe of a private individual or company?  Strange.

Friday, March 5, 2010

iPad for the car

I'd like to see a case for the iPad that velcros on (or similar) so it can be attached and detached from the headrest in front.  Alternatively, some sort of snap-in system where it goes in a bracket with cords hidden away for power (and maybe audio).  At $500, it's not much more expensive than other high quality 9" screens but it also holds a lot of media, is easy for the kids to run, and, obviously, is very portable compared to most screens.