Wednesday, April 17, 2013

unrelated nearly simultaneous threats

I know humans find patterns where none exist but it is spooky how 9/11 and anthrax are echoed in Boston and ricin.

Starbucks black hole

Why are there no Starbucks locations within the rectangle bounded by Park Avenue and the East River from 32nd street up to 41st street?  In comparison, there are TWO locations on a SINGLE block nearby (the block bounded by Madison and Fifth between 35th and 36th).

a period of inefficient utilization of computers

I wonder if the past decade will be seen, oddly enough, as a trough of efficiency and productivity.  I wonder this because we are currently hampered by both our inputs (keyboards are unwieldy, voice is inaccurate, etc.) and outputs (screens are still small and only recently have ultra-high resolutions).  Until I can replicate the massive amount of readily visible and accessible information as I have in an unfolded road map, I think there may be a lot of room for productivity gains from computers.