Thursday, June 17, 2010

iPhone 4 pre-orders

The press release indicated that more than 600,000 iPhones were pre-ordered on June 15.  Will be interesting to learn how many more (and if 600k was understating or about right).  Given the difficulties of ordering, assuming that it wasn't due to the rumored AT&T security changes the weekend before, perhaps it was far higher?

Note that the iPad sold about 300,000 on its first day (I know this includes both walk-ins and pre-orders but I have to believe that for iPhones, pre-orders largely substitute for walk-ins) Which makes 600,000 seem somewhat unimpressive and, in fact, low.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cloud computing and iPhone pre-orders

How is cloud computing really supposed to work if Apple can't even get pre-orders to work for iPhone4 - a PLANNED surge for something relatively simple (no streaming, etc.).  If it turns out the problem is simply with the AT&T account confirmation (which it might be), then less of a concern.  But if it is a broader problem, work needs to be done on the cloud.  Or at least Apple's implementation of its cloud efforts.

Separately, I did find out how to order the iPhone.  Although it seems like the ordering process dies midway (after confirming the selection of a phone), the order has actually made it to the shopping cart at this point.  One can't change the account plan but, at worst, this is a one-time $15 cost (or perhaps no cost if one were planning on keeping the unlimited data plan).  So mine is schedule to arrive on Thursday!