Monday, February 23, 2015


Funny how asymcar began almost two years ago, well before breaking stories about potential Apple engagement in the automotive space.  Mr. Dediu has been consistently ahead of the curve and more thoughtful than others.  This is just another example of that pattern.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ML 350 gearshift

Complete speculation but, based on the brief snippets of information, I wonder if the gear selector played a role in the tragedy on Metro-North.


"Instead she walked back to the driver’s seat and climbed in. There was a pause, he said, as if she were buckling her seatbelt ... 'I just knew she was going to back up — never in my wildest dreams did I think she’d go forward.' She drove forward."


"Also, Brody had only been driving the 2011 Mercedes since December".

update: Consumer Reports had some similar thoughts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apple and detail

Just a small note on attention to detail.

Observing the unwritten rule that watch and clock hands should be placed at the "10:10" position in photographs, Apple does the same in its illustrations of the Apple Watch.

The attention to detail is that even the digital displays adhere to the 10:10 convention (as you can see, the analog time is actually 10:09:30 so the digital display is 10:09).
Given this conscious effort, I wonder why, in some cases, Apple sets the time to 10:09:00 rather than 10:09:30?  I do not think it is carelessness.