Monday, September 1, 2008

Apple product announcement

Perhaps "iPhone on MacBook" is more than simply an LCD touchscreen. I think it has been conspicuous that adding a WLAN to a MacBook has not been a simple "check-the-box" option. Perhaps there will REALLY be something like an iPod Touch on the new MacBooks. This would definitely affect profit margins as indicated on the recent earnings call. The touchscreen would allow an "instant-on" type of connection for medium-duty tasks. And would build in tethering (also conspicuously absent from AT&T's offerings). Pricing is tricky (if built in to all, those who don't want/need, will feel like pricing of the computer is too high - but if an option, doesn't seem as groundbreaking). But simply having the LCD touchscreen may be differentiating enough. And if they can sell an iPod Touch at $200, not that expensive to build-in to every laptop in the line.

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Paul said...

Hmm. I see this was already suggested by Roughly Drafted. Oh well.