Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cloud computing and iPhone pre-orders

How is cloud computing really supposed to work if Apple can't even get pre-orders to work for iPhone4 - a PLANNED surge for something relatively simple (no streaming, etc.).  If it turns out the problem is simply with the AT&T account confirmation (which it might be), then less of a concern.  But if it is a broader problem, work needs to be done on the cloud.  Or at least Apple's implementation of its cloud efforts.

Separately, I did find out how to order the iPhone.  Although it seems like the ordering process dies midway (after confirming the selection of a phone), the order has actually made it to the shopping cart at this point.  One can't change the account plan but, at worst, this is a one-time $15 cost (or perhaps no cost if one were planning on keeping the unlimited data plan).  So mine is schedule to arrive on Thursday!

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