Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apple and detail

Just a small note on attention to detail.

Observing the unwritten rule that watch and clock hands should be placed at the "10:10" position in photographs, Apple does the same in its illustrations of the Apple Watch.

The attention to detail is that even the digital displays adhere to the 10:10 convention (as you can see, the analog time is actually 10:09:30 so the digital display is 10:09).
Given this conscious effort, I wonder why, in some cases, Apple sets the time to 10:09:00 rather than 10:09:30?  I do not think it is carelessness.

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Anonymous said...

CRAZY on the subject of detail. The date used for all of the apple watch illustrations is the date of the Spring Forward Event. Even the time is right. Amazing given that these resources were first disseminated in September(?).